Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger-posts' URL

One of my habits while blogging is to put the title of the posts before I start scribbling ahead.. But with one of my recent posts I realized that the title once given is used forever for that blog-post, whatever changes you make to the title the URL remains the same.

General format of the URL's of blogger are:

Suppose you are writing some post about a concept and you gave the title as "Basic understanding gathered about Cloning". Now you would be thinking the URL would at least have the word cloning in it, but that is not so! WHY?
Because, the URL picks only first-four-words-of-title :P
Now if you try to edit the post's title to "Understanding Cloning", only the tile gets changed not the URL!!!

What I did to change to the URL of my post was to create a new post and paste the HTML of the previous post and write the new title of my choice, then delete the older post!! :P
Thats pretty ugly, YUCK! Please somebody suggest a more humane procedure :)

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