Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing element

They wrote of it,
they write of it..
They will write of it..
I had read it
i remember
but took notice of it never..
Time and now I knew
I missed that,
it remained for me unexpressed
I could never touch, smell, see or taste it..
But it was definitely heard and felt around
and when this happened my joy knew no bound
my eyes whispered and my lips saw
and I was in complete awe..
Yes, its that eternal instinct
none can rob you of
no weapon can destroy
AI as of now lacks..
Is completely humane
but missing in humans nowadays
its explicit but not understood
its written but never taught
its the feeling that can never be stripped of..
Like clothes, talent, knowledge, prowess..
Its the salt in the recipe of living!
Its the character of the being..

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