Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Human Behaviour

All of us have met the two people who are the boundary elements of all humanity. The ones on the top, who we all admire; and the ones on the bottom, who we all despise. The one thing, apart from from the striking dissimilarity, they have in common, is INTEGRITY.
The ones at the very bottom the place where you might not be able to locate them even at an angle of depression equal to 90 degree..., are very high up on the moral ladder than most of us are! They value their values more than the pleasures of living, which on the face value seem satisfactory. These pleasures fool most of us. But these souls are never chasing the ephemeral honey, lust has to offer us..., which shakes the very floor on which our world stands!
These people compromise on these time-bound-happinesses in quest of their place in these world. Only a room, where they can have fun with themselves and their values over a cup of coffee! These people get mocking remarks in return of their nonchalance...
On just the other end of the line lie their counterparts, truly speaking the ones who have trodden the
path these so called burden on this earth or foolish people are walking on, long back. These are the people whom we adulate. We watch their interviews, follow their life-styles, mug up their quotations (only to reciprocate at some public gathering), paste them on our walls, buy out their autographs (to auction them) and what not...., try to pose to be them just by wearing their pants and forgetting to remove them before the very obvious, using the toilet :D
And now just look out how the TRP's of the news channels increase for the coming days with Sachin having given them the cow which sells not only its milk but also its skin.Without any actual logic the channels will correlate the stats and the numerology and the stars of Sachin with his double century and people will finally end up believing that it were just for stars and numbers he scored a double century else this is the same Sachin who's out many a times at 0. :D


Friday, February 19, 2010


HEY! People do you know the hockey world cup is being played in INDIA on 28 feb 2010....
and our public media which claims to be a highly unbiased in its coverage but just look guys! has anyone of us read any news about the Hockey World Cup... 
How come such a great event has missed the eagle eye view of the media.. The media which runs after the news and many a times create some of these, that too sensationalizing them to hyper extent has missed this event of national importance........
come people lets together promote this event by sending messages, writing blog, tweeting and buzzing!!!!!!!
Now we have the power of the media and are not dependent on these already sold out people......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leisure Time

These are some of the art works that I do
just for pleasure!! at leisure --
My school art teacher may again give me a B+
What do you people think??

Plz rate me higher!
Ok do what is actually true :)

Hey these are not pics of the pages on which I drew it using pen or paper..
I drew these on GIMP using my digital pen!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rare Rains

Rare rains of this monsoon 
Drenched me thrice, these noon.
Rains this time were declared precious 
But they showered on me, unconscious.

I have had little encounters with rains so far 
Perhaps the cover i held, bundled me in a car :)..
Hey! this time i dont know how??
The key was stolen somehow..

And the naughty rains placed the trap 
Caught their rare prey and clap slap.. 
Freely falling and endlessly lying
On my forehead and shoulders, busy prying!

Deceptive waterfall;
disguised as rainfall...
soothed the heat within,
was perfectly relaxin'.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HOWTO on simply networking

Hey! it was a real fun today. I had to learn nat and I live at my place not in the hostel where you can have ready access to the network and you know the various ip addresses present at your disposal and obviously a lot of colleagues. So does this mean I could not learn nat today? It just struck--why not connect the two laptops I am having with the lan wire, and try something? I did.
I was like knowing that this is gonna happen and it should; but how? The lappies were not connecting! Then I thought of changing the IP addresses and the gateway address- manual connection. And yes! I was on. I started a terminal. I din't know any other place to test. I thought what can I possibly do now- telnet, ssh?? I tried both but 'connection refused'! (Well, as must be clear by now; I am a beginner to all this networking and have till now always remained confused on how this giant Internet machine works?)
Then I resorted to the beginning- ping! I typed 'ping address'-the address I had given to these machines, and and yes that happened. Well nothing big.Then I did 'wget address', an attempt to establish an http session. On one address connection refused and on other a file 'index.html' was transferred. I was puzzled!
I searched for the file. On opening the file I realized that the file was the one I wrote a few days back. This was good, I could now relate. Since I had an apache server up and running on this machine, therefore this machine could respond to the 'http request' and send index file during wget...
WOW! The questions in my mind were being answered though new questions were arising. But I had, in my otherwise undirected attempt, actually established a very crude and basic network of two lappies and a lan cable.... Well now I'll hurry to cook more using iptables, I had to learn nat! catch ya with further results soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Viral Song

Once in our life we all hear songs we particularly hate. We would have never agreed to hear these even in return of a lot of goodies. Its not because we don't have taste, rather its the exact opposite. Put the other way-If u have never despised a song in your lifetime; u surely don't have a taste....[:P]
If u have heard such a song then u must have also had a feeling to just tear off the thing thats playing it. Just peel off a cello tape and stick it onto the mouth of the singer, or kill the composer rather the recorder or more precisely the distributor. I, in fact, think where have those activists disappeared, why are they not opposing this song, why don't they launch a campaign against it and ban the playing of this song??
But then amidst all this turmoil something happens and I start finding a wall or a cello tape for myself, hang myself upside down.....Because leave apart the player I am now singing it...(oh!) It is played and replayed in me.. Almost congesting all thoughts and denying service to all thoughts which try to curb the playing of the song(DOS attack)... I am under the attack of the most malicious music!! A viral song has got into me and is now reproducing at its highest rate... Never felt like this? Hear this one then-
An example

Monday, February 1, 2010

When did future switch from being a promise to a threat?

When in the present of 2006, I got a gift wrap of “NOT SELECTED” JEE score card, my future switched to being a threat from promise. Until then future for me was a bright, glossy promisory note, but not anymore; as now the promise bearers had disowned it.

Since childhood I had studied hard, always stood first in class, as it was believed to be a practice with highest ROI.
Take coaching, study hard and smart, 36 hrs in a day of 24, get into IIT and live a life beyond imagination........
So we invested in money, year (after 12th) and faith in the bubble called IIT-JEE. But the bubble had gone bust and now I was facing The Great Depression of 1931 in 2006.

This depression unlike the true economic one started recovering soon, as I managed to secure admission in HBTI(considered next to IIT Kanpur, it actually is ;) and one among the top 50 engineering colleges of India). Soon after being admitted, bound by Schumpeter's economic cycle my future boomed, as again I secured a very promising percentage in first semester. So,
B.Tech in Hons., job in an MNC, great package.......
Again the bubble started building but this time I didn't blow air in to this bubble, I stayed away from it. “This bubble could not fool me again”, I said to myself.

Now when by the end of 2008, once again the economic carriages went out of control, into the slump under the gravity of greed and mismanaged decisions of the investors, disturbing the equilibrium of the economic forces of supply and demand, in short the bubble went bust again; I sit peacefully in my room, unperturbed......
This doen't mean I am mean or indifferent towards the world or any hermit etc. I am no anomaly to the current structure.

Through the past experience I have learned that this future is analogous to the 'stories of sheikhchilli' we heard in our childhood. In these stories he never bought any milk but did manage a flood of tears for spilling it.
Thanks to Chuck Palahnuik, to present this question before the world, which transformed it into a million dollar question but forgot his real billion dollar quote-

“ We are not special. We are not crap or trash either, we just are. We just are and what happens just happens!! ”

So, we must stop speculating on the promises or the threats of the future and start excelling in the tasks in hand, as it is rightly said- “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”