Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lessons @ 25

  • You have to be gracious, when expecting something to be done your way. You can't force it on the other person. Think of them as you'd want them to think of you. Respect their independence as you want them to respect yours. It is a two way stream, trust and respect. What you allow to flow from you comes back to you. Life is mostly your echo. Your reflection. You need to know what music you want to play. You can't just shout out something and expect the tune to be handled by the echo... When you are in harmony with yourself, Things around fall in place. You need to learn to handle yourself. 

  • You can't just forget all the good things in turbulent times. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

  • Decide for yourself, seek advice from others not hand holding. and Just because some people don't agree with your decision, you don't need to change it or justify it or prove it; ahead of time to them that what you've decided is the best, for obvious reasons, viz. Everybody is speaking out of their experience. Think of it as you add some crystal in the starting to the chemical in order to start crystallisation of that solution. Now the purity and quality of the obtained crystal depends a lot on the first trace of crystal that you added. Actually, Nobody knows for sure what is right. On second thought, there is nothing right or wrong. It's just the optimum. The balance that you should maintain for yourself. What works for you might not work for others, vice versa.

  • Learn to take responsibility of your actions. Stop blaming bad onto others and take all credit of the good! Seriously, stop kidding...

  • Think of everything as normal. Dude, things are just the way they are, no frills attached. Stop placing so much responsibility and stress just some things and forget out the rest. See, think of it like - a sine wave. Because it rises, it falls. So, if you place too much importance on something's and too little on others, your approach, even to the most dumb person on earth, is unbalanced.

  Keep smiling, smile solves a lot of problems so spontaneously, that you won't know...