Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What it means "To Stumble Upon"

It means: drink and drive; You'll hit at something, may be it would change the course of your life, perhaps, also the world's development.. Well it definitely doesn't means think and drive..
And now what's gotten into my head that I am blurting out this very well known thing.. Its just that I see it as a problem with myself..
I think the problem with me is that I want to take careful steps and do calculated things in the process of achieving the ultimate thing.. It would be rather better that I start enjoying the journey instead of the destinations. I have not yet started with learning django though I want to learn it since the middle of this year.. Quoting Rajeev Motwani, Sergey Brin's advisor at Stanford- " It wasn't that they sat down and said, lets build the next great search engine, it was that while solving a problem they stumbled on a neat idea.."
What I should be doing now is wander, instead of travel..
What I have been doing so far is calculate the work I would do, the returns the effort would bring, but these calculation and predictions are based on the my little knowledge, formed out of the little understanding of the peer reviews where I land, based on the foolish keywords combinations searched by Google. so its like I have screwed up the whole thing and still i am hoping to find the best..
Let me now get ready for the adventure, fun, spontaneity.. :P

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