Sunday, March 21, 2010

God Knows What? is not properly synchronised with
Know what it sucks when you post some article you wrote during your offline moments in What will you do? Copy from the org file and paste on blogger. But this won't do as every time you copy paste it will add some meta tag which will irritate you and the things will become incorrigible. Today I suffered hard posting an article I had written a long time. But I carried out patiently and completed the pasting and was formatting it when something wrong happened and I did ctrl+z.
Guess what the complete article disappeared from the template.................
I was blank, furious..... and the devil saved it quickly to the drafts as well no way to recover....
Again the same the process should be repeated now to post the article....
In the mean time this frustration note!!!!!!!!


  1. It's best to use plain text. Use a text editor to write and save yourself from all this trouble.

  2. yes i posted the other post in plain text, i'll remember this