Monday, December 27, 2010

What's wrong?

The day since I have joined the company, i mean i have started a so called corporate life.. i am getting as bored as I have never been.
I miss the bunking classes (though i bunked very less of them), building castles in air (khayali pulao), driving my scooty, screaming at home about all the wrongs that are happening and how I could change it given a chance :P
Now when I have the chance, I don't know what am I doing?
The problem is not with the office, the project I am in is one of the most coveted one in my company, and even I found the technology very interesting. also there is no problem of time I think I now have more time than what I had in college... We have flexible timings and access to almost all of what one generally needs.. (Gmail, fb, google; these are normally blocked in other companies) So there is almost no problem on the professional and technical part of the life..
So what is going wrong? I think it is the social life, the personal part that is getting screwed up.. I feel lonely, unenthusiastic, wasted, in short terrible!
Any suggestions what I could do to improve my life as well as living..

Note: don't suggest make a boyfriend!