Friday, September 28, 2012

Decoding the confusion

Scenario: I have to write an exam in 3 days.

A: Mug up sample papers and reproduce the results as it is in the answer sheet -
ROI(A) = Pass. { if everything goes as planned, i.e. question paper is set from the sample papers }
Time(A) = 2 days before exam

B: Get the related course material. Study. Ask questions. Clear the doubts that arise in the process. In short: dig deep. commit yourself!
ROI(B) = Unestimated. Anything between Distinction to Failure.
Time(B) = At least complete semester.

Let me scribble what goes on in my head in the process:
1. If I take up B now. I'll be under constant pressure to deliver, of which I am not certain that I'd be able to or not. Of the 3 days = 72 hrs = effectively 38 productive hrs, I'll be able to put to good use say 20%.. (I am optimistic ;) ; hence I end up wasting 2.5 days of my life!
ROI is for sure -ve
2. If I take up A now. I'd be pissing off that persona of idealism sitting inside me for a couple of hours but then I'd be able to push hard onto the deadline and deliver too perhaps. (Let's save the poor fellow, botheration about quality).

So its wise to pick up A when the time left for the delivery is <= 3 days.
To save yourself the panic of eleventh hour and keep that idealism always shining - Start early next time you fool...

Okay so now I should be off to to doing A - using eclipse for the Scala class on coursera for the I assignment due in next 8 hours, instead of B - setting up the vim, iscala environment to feed that enormous vimmer inside me with an unquenchable hunger..


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