Saturday, January 30, 2010


From people who show kindness, BEWARE!
Rise above them? U shudn't dare......
Intellects are something they don't care
Everything except ur happiness they share........

True empathy in them is rare
Sympathy and mockery is their pair.
You must always weep is what they accept as fare
Even ur deserving soar, prized!­ may lead them to despair.

If u really wanna rise high.
Touch that height of the sky!
Set urself free­­­­
from these emotional spree....

This world, believe me, is hell...
as when in true pain u yell..
forget a helping hand, they would happily sell
Your self­ respect, if you tell....
them once that it pains.
You have given the hen that gains.

They'll cash your sorrow.
And when, my dear, tomorrow...
these fools, wise
will kick your ass.
to ensure u don't find solace...

So­­­­ decide for urself..

Don't kill these mocking birds..
As they are nothing more than shits..
Just ensure you kill
that one thing in u, which will
perturb u, when they point to ur hill.
Hey only, KEEP STILL....

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  1. This first blog post is a poem I wrote one morning, very close to my heart...