Sunday, January 31, 2010

Philosophy of Life Klotski style!

Yesterday night I was playing snowdrop of klotski. A thought struck me today morning while I was rising up from the bed. Life is similar to klotski as it doesnot allows for any undo or redo move, you go on just playing. there is a striking similarity between our life and klotski, look at this:

1. One game, until u alt+F4/ctrl+R, is a life.
2. F1 is your teacher, similar to the real life teacher.. boring theory ;)
3. Each stage is a stage in life, getting difficult ever..
4. In "only 18 steps" you are an adult, irrespective of the fact that you actually have grown- mentally ;)
5. You are offered three ways to play(live) klotski(life) viz, stick to play until you win(live life) or ctrl+R(consult doctor and start afresh, costly decision) or alt+F4(commit suicide).

there are generally no explicit constraint on the no. of moves in later stages, so u can play at ur ease and peace of mind. what happened yde was while playing that I went on playing for long and every now and then after certain moves I would feel I was about to crack, but no.... again I was stuck.. there were 3 choices- stick, ctrl+R, alt+F4. I stuck. This stage I had cleared in 67 moves a week back, how was it that this won't clear now? I was determined to do it, however long it took... so, with 132 moves I finally cleared it. I was now promoted to red donkey stage. This is just like the life, one who never quits is regularly presented with a new challenge. With each challenge he gets all the more stronger and wiser.

At all point in klotski you can reach back to the point where you started, you are never die or finish your energy, unlike other games. You don't have to fight others in klotski, only let loose your mind horses and stray in the field with blue chocolates of various sizes and orientation, controlling the temptation to eat them :P Don't worry about your neighbor and don't quit.. you'll always find new ways to bring the green block out...


  1. u r too good babes... love ur analogy .. and a great philosophy indeed :)

  2. have you played klotski? I am stuck in the red donkey stage..