Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Naughty Cooker

A knock on the door----
my sweet, vivid dream it tore.
Half-asleep I opened it,
to my surprise there was kept a kit.

The kit was like a big basket--
contained in it was a cooker and gasket.
I kept it aside and tried to sleep,
Noise again woke me, just at the dream leap!

Oh God! whats that?
Terrified I went to the kitchen
The cooker was sneezing like a chicken

After putting all things in order
When I was to sleep and was on border,
There was a sound similar to that of an explosion,
At a time, when I was swimming in the dream ocean.

Peeping out of my room, What I found
was everywhere 'khichdi' scattered a pound
God forbid, this naughty cooker
Had at last burst like a boomer!

Annoyed, at the cooker, I lost my temper
called the number and started to hammer,
The head of the cooker repairer;
Before I found it was a wrong number!

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