Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bye Bye! B.Tech

Being an adult with child's freedom
That is a bachelor's kingdom!!!
Late entries, proxies & bunks!
All of this was a lot of fun..
Copying assignments ;) teasing friends :P
The entropy was always at its best!
Eavesdropping into friends' diary
to find only their crushes' history :P
The golden period, buddies, now sends
its best wishes for you, as it would soon end :(


  1. I will miss the fun, those moments under the neem tree,
    in the parking, at bhains' room!!!

  2. When I left school, could not miss it. And the people who were worth missing, cannot be missing ever from my life. Now when leaving college, same will be the situation. But I guess apart from the worthy people, I will miss the parrots, peacocks, sparrows, puppies residing in the woods around our hostel and the birds flying every evening towards south-east, things never to be found in the concrete jungles. My equivalent of the neem tree is The portico of my hostel where I spent time with you, Nidhi and Amita. Esp the breezy moonlit nights.

  3. i will miss my hostel lyf al lot!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'll always miss the time we friends spent together at HBTI..