Friday, September 24, 2010

Life Post GSOC

Well this is a post after a long time.. The just previous one was a draft which I chose to finally publish today, so lets not count it.
Gsoc has been the fun and the best time of my life.. But every time good or bad is not unlimited. So, Gsoc period also came to end; best part being success !!
Finally, post Gsoc I have found a day time job for myself that's not very different from what I have been doing till now.. This job required shifting to a new place called the Millennium City, or Mini Singapore which actually is Gurgaon, a genuine simulation of Singapore and a millennium city but not of this mind it; rather of the previous millennium. ..... I finally came to terms with this city and its roads and transport today when I found some good people who helped me without putting me into further trouble!! And I found my favourite bhutta being sold in the traditional manner... Simple thela-wala style of selling gave a humane feeling in this city of high rise buildings where people don't earn to live but live to earn.. They have feelings to listen to "Another day in paradise" but not the actual cries of a needy.. There are beautiful buildings hiding ugly faces.. There is a feeling of hollowness everywhere here... I don't know what to like about this city.. Its just a place i have been afraid of being to! But today i found life here, there is hope! I am finally feeling better.. And hence i am verbose.

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