Thursday, September 30, 2010

GSOC Phase of my life

GSOC, it seems is the turning point of my life, so I think I can identify 3 phases pre-GSOC, GSOC, Post-GSOC phase...
The post-gsoc phase doesn't seem that exciting so far as the Gsoc phase has been. The pre-GSOC phase is reserved for another post.. The GSOC phase is the one I would want over and over again.
The reasons for the above statement are:
    The freedom to learn and work on stuff of my choice.

    Work from home at my own comfort level.

    Work under extremely talented mentor.

    Never miss mom's food!!!

    Earn while you learn!!!

    Get as lazy as you can be :P

    Freedom from traffic and bad roads!

and many more...

What I enjoyed all this while:
learning stuff of my choice, like python, scripting etc..
mom's delicious food
chatting with buddies
late at night and late in the morning
cooking and innovating new recipes.. And treating mom with them!

All in all the best phase of my life!!!

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