Friday, October 22, 2010

Cooking 'ratatouille' dishes, :P

WARNING: don't read further if expecting very tasty, book style, chefs' pride kind of recipe! Readers are also advised to try all this on their own risks! :P

After shifting to my PG - fooding facility or Hostel + Awesome residential facility, referred to as PH, whichever suits the boot, I have cooked food for myself for two reasons :
1. Feed my tummy,
2. Use the food raw material to prevent its wastage.!

The basic time and space tradeoffs have been related to the usual time, effort, material used in cooking a palatable dish.. Check out the recipe of my Kheere ki sabzi

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  1. hum jaise aalsi logon ke liye koi shortcut recipe batao 5 min me ban jae, bina zada mehnat kiye :)