Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flashing N900 Indian Version, for Skype support

If you are using an N900 you've bought anywhere in India then odds are that you are quite disgusted of your purchase. By the set bought in India I mean a set bought after N900 was officially launched in India and you purchased a set with bill! not a grey phone.. Like I did :(
I was not aware of this complete thing, later when I knew I could not stand this and hence I gave back the phone to the shopkeeper nd asked for a fresh one, with bill. And though the phone was brand new the experience was very bad. And I was smitten when I found that there was no skype, (for those not aware, skype integration is the expertise of maemo). Also there was a lot of stuttering when I played songs in the media player. To make things worse, there wasn't any call summary displayed when I made a call or used internet. Those who use an airtel sim and live in Rajasthan or places where *121# etc. only work and there is no support for listening to your balance can probably understand my situation very well!
So, finally 3 days back I decided to flash my device with the global firmware of fremantle latest release. Believe me it is the best thing to do with your phone. If you are really considerate for your phone, then do it! To do it literally simple. You are just three simple steps away from this pleasant experience called N900!
  1. Get the flasher from here.
  2. Get the firmware binary here.
  3. Read this manual.
And trust me you are good to go. Nothing happens, everything your calls, your wifi, your gui and SKYPE works better than before. And you get those call summary as well!!!
                        So go ahead and flash your device!!!
                        Happy N900...

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