Sunday, January 31, 2010

Philosophy of Life Klotski style!

Yesterday night I was playing snowdrop of klotski. A thought struck me today morning while I was rising up from the bed. Life is similar to klotski as it doesnot allows for any undo or redo move, you go on just playing. there is a striking similarity between our life and klotski, look at this:

1. One game, until u alt+F4/ctrl+R, is a life.
2. F1 is your teacher, similar to the real life teacher.. boring theory ;)
3. Each stage is a stage in life, getting difficult ever..
4. In "only 18 steps" you are an adult, irrespective of the fact that you actually have grown- mentally ;)
5. You are offered three ways to play(live) klotski(life) viz, stick to play until you win(live life) or ctrl+R(consult doctor and start afresh, costly decision) or alt+F4(commit suicide).

there are generally no explicit constraint on the no. of moves in later stages, so u can play at ur ease and peace of mind. what happened yde was while playing that I went on playing for long and every now and then after certain moves I would feel I was about to crack, but no.... again I was stuck.. there were 3 choices- stick, ctrl+R, alt+F4. I stuck. This stage I had cleared in 67 moves a week back, how was it that this won't clear now? I was determined to do it, however long it took... so, with 132 moves I finally cleared it. I was now promoted to red donkey stage. This is just like the life, one who never quits is regularly presented with a new challenge. With each challenge he gets all the more stronger and wiser.

At all point in klotski you can reach back to the point where you started, you are never die or finish your energy, unlike other games. You don't have to fight others in klotski, only let loose your mind horses and stray in the field with blue chocolates of various sizes and orientation, controlling the temptation to eat them :P Don't worry about your neighbor and don't quit.. you'll always find new ways to bring the green block out...

To Be or Not To Be!

God is just one letter short of good.That too a zero if you see... When the creator is good then how can the creation ever be bad? Just hold on to the faith intensely and patiently,... without waiting for the result and you will sure find the thing you were looking for... I have seen very deep rooted firm believers and mark it- its really easy to choose a path and walk on it if only, you don't think twice or reflect upon its utility or why you chose it or is it good for you and blah blah...... If you just do and keep on doing ways open themselves! They may look as unknown though, but mind it, they are not unknown to your true self. They are just there, waiting for you.
In your heart, deep within, you know you too are aspiring for them but you don't know whether the road you choose will lead you there. But my dear! thousands of rivers converge in a sea and all seas are one; though may have different names. Similarly all paths converge! to one supreme place; though may look different on surface. Don't think after choosing as once. You've chosen. The time to think has gone. Its time to act now and when while choosing you never acted then after choosing? You shouldn't think friend! ACT!!!
Time comes and it goes never repeats; so never repent on a decision made or think twice on a path sought cause when after you'll reach ahead you will start realizing that this was only the one you were looking for. A river was never taught the road it should take or the path, which would be best for it and the river never looked on the path rather enjoyed the path it took and instead of taking something from the path it gifted it-- "GIFT OF NILE".
When Ganges may have emerged from the Gangotri it might have asked various rocks and plains to give it the path but they all being silent could not answer to her and thus she decided to turn silent herself too; and flow, rather than talk to anyone on her way to the ocean. She took the way herself, through the northern region leaving behind Rajasthan and Maharashtra and did not reflect back on the decision- 'Whether it would lead to the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea?' Not once out of any confusion or perturbation did she change her course... Just rolled ahead with all her might. On her way she established plains and coasts and most fertile regions of the country and we know she did meet her destination. Though the optimal or the best path, in our language of computers, may have been to the Arabian Sea. Quick and Short...
So don't think after you choose and don't take long to choose... ;) Play it time bound when you have the most energy during the UPPER COURSE just flow; and when in the MIDDLE COURSE you start settling, remember your goal; by the time you reach the LOWER COURSE you will have gained so much that who ever comes in your way will get enriched. Just as a DELTA gets best of the sediments. You will sure, reach your destiny.
Life, Dear! is not a race and you have no competitors... Its a one man's play. His quest. Its not about where you reach, but about the way you took to reach and how enriched you are by the lower course! Remember hold on fast and strong to just one faith; in that matter, it can be anything but as experienced, God is the easiest and safest but difficult at times, as he silently takes all the blame on himself and never preaches you about himself; so its easy to get lost! Move ahead. Don't compare and contrast. Don't try to store huge data in your small brains and do data mining operations of, studying associations and correlations. These operations are very expensive both in space and time ;)(remember, some polynomial time complexity for just the database of the size of gbs). Your memory which stores a lot of data and has limited computation power as compared to supercomputers, computer theorists say, these operations themselves will take many lifetimes...

Walk buddy! The road is waiting for you to traverse.. It had been there, since you were born and has been preparing itself to get your warmth...

A Genuine Request!

Don't express this love
which I don't deserve.
Don't show me this magnificent world,
only to make me realize, my place is dirt.

Don't feel sorry-- my dear!
only to exhibit-- that u r near,
Don't kill my worldly ignorance
by ur wisely simulated fragrance

Don't show that u care
when actually u can never dare
to break me free
as i fulfill ur charity spree!

Hey folks! It is only u who nurtures this tree;
and later shrug calling it beggary!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

LIVE, Don't just survive!

U know u are near...
But still the fear,
In u like a bear
Has the strength to tear;
The faith u held dear.

Try once and keep
Laugh and don't weep
Reason but don't shout
Then every life's bout
Will be a gentle stroke--

Which will keep u alive
And ask u to Dive;
Into the depths of life
And never ever lead to strife!

Its ur tryst with destiny
Your way ahead not a mutiny
Don't run in the life
You won't get this twice :)

Time once gone is gone forever,
But moments lived are the ones remembered!

Blind Spot in Human Eye!

The blind spot, in the eye explains why many a times though an object is in front of our eyes but invisible.

Just as this spot may go unnoticed by most of the rays that fall on our eye; it is correct that a ray which falls on this spot goes unnoticed too...... thereby explaining the fact our look of the world is biased and skewed!!!
Every one of us is blind, some to complete others to limited extent, depending on the size of this blind spot...


From people who show kindness, BEWARE!
Rise above them? U shudn't dare......
Intellects are something they don't care
Everything except ur happiness they share........

True empathy in them is rare
Sympathy and mockery is their pair.
You must always weep is what they accept as fare
Even ur deserving soar, prized!­ may lead them to despair.

If u really wanna rise high.
Touch that height of the sky!
Set urself free­­­­
from these emotional spree....

This world, believe me, is hell...
as when in true pain u yell..
forget a helping hand, they would happily sell
Your self­ respect, if you tell....
them once that it pains.
You have given the hen that gains.

They'll cash your sorrow.
And when, my dear, tomorrow...
these fools, wise
will kick your ass.
to ensure u don't find solace...

So­­­­ decide for urself..

Don't kill these mocking birds..
As they are nothing more than shits..
Just ensure you kill
that one thing in u, which will
perturb u, when they point to ur hill.
Hey only, KEEP STILL....