Friday, July 8, 2011

Intricacies of Failure & Disappointment

There is a simple program which shows that not every disappointment leads to failure. If a proper approach is taken then disappointment proves to be inevitable ingredient to SUCCESS!
In fact there are multitude of stories to learn from like Edison, Nelson Mandela, Einstein, Mark Twain from the history and Googlers: Larry Page & Sergey Brin as well as Facebooker: Mark Zuckerberg. Not to forget our iMan (Jobs) from the recent past, who stood in the face of disappointment but didn't fail...

So what's in the code??

#include "patience.h"

printf ("Disappointment != failure\n"); 
  case "Comfort":
    printf ("BEWARE:Don't get trapped in the comfort zone\n");
  case "Solution":
    printf ("SEARCH: Start when you have licked your wounds\n");
    printf ("BEST CASE: some of both\n");
    printf ("MORAL: It stimulates learning & growth\n");

The fall-through switch case construct is the crux of the above code! ;)

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