Friday, November 25, 2011

Time - My perception

Time flies, when happy
Time crawls, when sad
But what time never does--
is stagnate
Whatever be, time passes by...

It never waits
It never chases
It never was
It never will be
It just is!

Everything happens, with time
However hard you may try
However fast you may rush
However effort you may put
to make it otherwise
Time always sways you by...

When its time you'll only wonder
how things would happen
A barren land
would give tons of harvest
All you'd do then is research on it
Broadcast on the media, giveaway nobels..
But the farmer, true to himself, would
then only smile and move on to the field

Hold on,
to yourself.
Time will take care of the rest.
Don't beat your chest
You'll gain nothing
only it will pain
Loss or Gain
are the sides of the same coin
Time keeps flipping this coin.
Fools you off into being the actor..
in realty time is the director!
So hold on to the coin itself
You'll not be mesmerized or surprised
You'll just be...
like time & love
through eternity!

1 comment:

  1. Very Nice..

    "Every time will pass either it's Good or Bad. So be happy always and respect the time."