Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advice for aspiring GSOCers

I have been getting some mails across regarding how to apply to GSOC etc.. I thought it would be better if scribble this piece of advice and mail back the link, it would be easier for me and also for the readers.. :)
So here are a few points on my head, right now.. I will keep editing it so that it retains its relevance. I would happy to get response from you all (good/bad)...

Be clear in what you want out of your summers and what is your field of interest. Once you know yourself, find out the organizations that are working in your field of interest. 

Check out the various projects they have worked in. Find one project of which interests you.
Warning: Don't work for a proposal for many projects. Select one or max two ideas and start tweeking with the code..

Don't get bogged down with a lot of code that you come across, if you are working with an existing project, there are all chances a lot of code is already on place. Even if you are starting out of scratch, clearly jot down the requirements and the approach you are going to follow to meet those. Check with the mentor if she approves of it.

Hang out on irc channel for your org as well as gsoc-in its the indian channel for gsoc participants.. You'd find some good and helpful people there. For project related advice get in touch with previous successful participants for the org, that would be very helpful. and don't worry about the reply of the mentor. They are very busy people and generally come in regular contact only after selection. Don't bug them much, be patient!

A good proposal which captures your thought clearly is the key to all of it. Check out the various proposals submitted by the folks to your organization earlier. You'll get a better idea.
The honeynet project is absolutely an intelligent choice if you are interested in honepots & malwares.
Zhijie Chen was the previous contributor to the project which I worked with. Here are the links he provided me.

Don't be disheartened if its your first time, as Everyone has a first time. So, if you are interested, you MUST apply.
I hope it helps.. 

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