Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Find PG/Flat: Dos & Don'ts

Most of the employed folks switch jobs and think to move to newer places to reduce the commuting time and avoid the troubles of driving and wasting already endangered fuel resources.
I made a switch to Delhi from Gurgaon earlier 2 weeks. For one week I actually commuted from Gurgaon to Delhi using metro and the local transportation. But believe me, it sucks, your 2.5 hours (one way) just go to trash. How much motivated you are to work, you won't be able to everyday. With each passing week your efficiency will decrease not only in the transit but also in the office hours.
So check out the other option and that is find a place to live nearby, but that is just another cumbersome and f***ing bad job to do(*)
The star above signify that conditions apply to this... ;)
If you are looking for a PG or Room or Flat (1 bhk/ 2 bhk/ 3 bhk) or shared flat options, please don't follow the traditional way, at least if you are reading this!


1. Don't get a broker, first of all. Please for God's sake, these brokers are professionals in making a fool out of you!
2. Even if you do, don't go with them after a day's long work. Since you are too tired and all the brain cells have actually been put to sleep when you put your laptop to sleep!
3. The broker's will take you to certain places on a rickshaw, auto, bike or car and drive you nuts by convincing that the option they are showing you is the best available and most coveted option available in the vicinity. The gut feeling tells you that it is a lie. Don't ever even think of not following your gut feeling.
4. And last, even if you have done all the above, please, please, please don't give the broker any advance  or token money on the same day. Atleast, go and see the place another time with/ without (preferably) the broker! You'll know the truth.

1. Surf the google maps to locate the areas in the vicinity yourself
2. Check out with the other employees where do they prefer living.
3. Create a profile on
4. Create an add clearly stating your requirements and if you are really in shortage of money, host it for free!
5. Check out the options on and send SMS to the people offering the same closely related to your requirements.
6. Go out to check the accommodations in person only on the weekends or take a day off and go. (Check don't #2)
7. Talk clearly. For instance: Who owns the devices in the house? Are they willing to share? Are there sufficient cooking utensils? etc. etc.
8. Whenever you are travelling using a public transport, call the various options you have with you. One it utilises your transit time in the best possible manner and second you never know if you get lucky, like me, and get the best matching house!

So, finding a home is not all that troublesome afterall!

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