Monday, February 1, 2010

When did future switch from being a promise to a threat?

When in the present of 2006, I got a gift wrap of “NOT SELECTED” JEE score card, my future switched to being a threat from promise. Until then future for me was a bright, glossy promisory note, but not anymore; as now the promise bearers had disowned it.

Since childhood I had studied hard, always stood first in class, as it was believed to be a practice with highest ROI.
Take coaching, study hard and smart, 36 hrs in a day of 24, get into IIT and live a life beyond imagination........
So we invested in money, year (after 12th) and faith in the bubble called IIT-JEE. But the bubble had gone bust and now I was facing The Great Depression of 1931 in 2006.

This depression unlike the true economic one started recovering soon, as I managed to secure admission in HBTI(considered next to IIT Kanpur, it actually is ;) and one among the top 50 engineering colleges of India). Soon after being admitted, bound by Schumpeter's economic cycle my future boomed, as again I secured a very promising percentage in first semester. So,
B.Tech in Hons., job in an MNC, great package.......
Again the bubble started building but this time I didn't blow air in to this bubble, I stayed away from it. “This bubble could not fool me again”, I said to myself.

Now when by the end of 2008, once again the economic carriages went out of control, into the slump under the gravity of greed and mismanaged decisions of the investors, disturbing the equilibrium of the economic forces of supply and demand, in short the bubble went bust again; I sit peacefully in my room, unperturbed......
This doen't mean I am mean or indifferent towards the world or any hermit etc. I am no anomaly to the current structure.

Through the past experience I have learned that this future is analogous to the 'stories of sheikhchilli' we heard in our childhood. In these stories he never bought any milk but did manage a flood of tears for spilling it.
Thanks to Chuck Palahnuik, to present this question before the world, which transformed it into a million dollar question but forgot his real billion dollar quote-

“ We are not special. We are not crap or trash either, we just are. We just are and what happens just happens!! ”

So, we must stop speculating on the promises or the threats of the future and start excelling in the tasks in hand, as it is rightly said- “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”

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  1. :) many times the bubble bursts ... even if u r able to catch it, it will burst :)
    Life is a summation of individual days.. Live each day in good rhythm and see how happy and joyous Life aka future will be (Coz we forget to live in the PRESENT)