Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Human Behaviour

All of us have met the two people who are the boundary elements of all humanity. The ones on the top, who we all admire; and the ones on the bottom, who we all despise. The one thing, apart from from the striking dissimilarity, they have in common, is INTEGRITY.
The ones at the very bottom the place where you might not be able to locate them even at an angle of depression equal to 90 degree..., are very high up on the moral ladder than most of us are! They value their values more than the pleasures of living, which on the face value seem satisfactory. These pleasures fool most of us. But these souls are never chasing the ephemeral honey, lust has to offer us..., which shakes the very floor on which our world stands!
These people compromise on these time-bound-happinesses in quest of their place in these world. Only a room, where they can have fun with themselves and their values over a cup of coffee! These people get mocking remarks in return of their nonchalance...
On just the other end of the line lie their counterparts, truly speaking the ones who have trodden the
path these so called burden on this earth or foolish people are walking on, long back. These are the people whom we adulate. We watch their interviews, follow their life-styles, mug up their quotations (only to reciprocate at some public gathering), paste them on our walls, buy out their autographs (to auction them) and what not...., try to pose to be them just by wearing their pants and forgetting to remove them before the very obvious, using the toilet :D
And now just look out how the TRP's of the news channels increase for the coming days with Sachin having given them the cow which sells not only its milk but also its skin.Without any actual logic the channels will correlate the stats and the numerology and the stars of Sachin with his double century and people will finally end up believing that it were just for stars and numbers he scored a double century else this is the same Sachin who's out many a times at 0. :D


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