Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Viral Song

Once in our life we all hear songs we particularly hate. We would have never agreed to hear these even in return of a lot of goodies. Its not because we don't have taste, rather its the exact opposite. Put the other way-If u have never despised a song in your lifetime; u surely don't have a taste....[:P]
If u have heard such a song then u must have also had a feeling to just tear off the thing thats playing it. Just peel off a cello tape and stick it onto the mouth of the singer, or kill the composer rather the recorder or more precisely the distributor. I, in fact, think where have those activists disappeared, why are they not opposing this song, why don't they launch a campaign against it and ban the playing of this song??
But then amidst all this turmoil something happens and I start finding a wall or a cello tape for myself, hang myself upside down.....Because leave apart the player I am now singing it...(oh!) It is played and replayed in me.. Almost congesting all thoughts and denying service to all thoughts which try to curb the playing of the song(DOS attack)... I am under the attack of the most malicious music!! A viral song has got into me and is now reproducing at its highest rate... Never felt like this? Hear this one then-
An example


  1. tum toh thehre pardesi.. sath kya nibhaoge :P

  2. very true! maine recent wala quote kiya but ya I too hate it...